What Are Some Common Insurance Company Logos?


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Common insurance company logos include the red and white State Farm Insurance Company logo, the red, white and blue AAA Auto Insurance logo, the Travelers Insurance umbrella logo and the GEICO gecko logo, according to Spellbrand.com. The State Farm symbol has three entwined ovals that form a triangle inside of a round-cornered square. Inside of the ovals are the words Auto, Life and Fire, the three basic types of coverage State Farm offers. The logo represents strength and inclusiveness.

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Like the State Farm logo, the AAA Insurance logo uses a red oval but combines it with an open, blue oval-like shape, notes Spellbrand.com. The center of the oval contains the triple A symbol, reminiscent of triangles, which are symbols of strength. This logo expresses the message of including and protecting the customer as the company is moving forward.

The Travelers Insurance logo conveys a powerful message with its simple black lettering and iconic red umbrella, explains Spellbrand.com. Although the company name is in heavy square-shaped letters, they have a slight slant, indicating forward movement. This logo represents serious protection against life's stormy events.

An imaginative advertising campaign helped people across the United States become familiar with the GEICO logo, observes Spellbrand.com. The logo features the company name in rounded-square blue lettering with the green gecko centered atop the name. Using the color blue in the logo sends the company's message of calmness.

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