What Are Some Common Human Resource Documents?

What Are Some Common Human Resource Documents?

Common human resource documents include leave of absence forms and those that discuss an employee's performance. Other human resource forms include benefits and workers' compensation forms.

Employees complete leave of absence forms when they need to take more than five consecutive days off of work. Acceptable requests for a leave of absence include bereavement, military duty, personal reasons or medical issues. Medical issues can pertain to the employee or a member of his family and may be covered by the Family Medical Leave Act, which protects an employee's position for up to 12 weeks of absence. If the employee is unable to return to work after 12 weeks, he may be required to apply for short-term disability. If the issue is not covered under the Family Medical Leave Act, the employee must request a medical leave of absence.

Employers complete employee performance forms annually to determine whether the employee is meeting the company's expectations. While employers routinely use the forms to assess job performance, they also use them to set goals concerning professional development and meeting the company's mission.

Employees complete benefits forms when they wish to be insured by the company. The forms can include medical histories, procedure claim forms or applications to add a domestic partner to the insurance policy.

Worker's compensation forms are necessary in the event of a workplace injury. They include detailed incident report forms concerning the event that led to the injury, as well as forms to be completed by company-approved doctors indicating the amount of leave time needed for recovery.