What Are Some Common Homeowners Insurance Questions?


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Common homeowners insurance questions include whether the policy covers all of the homeowner's property and whether and why flood insurance is required, according to the Georgia Department of Insurance. Another common question is whether there is a discount for installing smoke alarms.

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Homeowners policies don't cover all of a person's property, explains the Georgia Department of Insurance. Exclusions and limitations apply to guns, cars, motor homes and the theft of jewelry. A homeowner can purchase separate policies for these items. Flood insurance follows federal regulations, and if a homeowner has flood insurance coverage he thinks is unnecessary, he should direct his complaint to the National Flood Insurance Program or to the agency that regulates his mortgage lender. The majority of insurance carriers do provide discounts for installed smoke alarms.

Another common homeowners insurance question is whether the policy covers temporary housing in the case of damage to the house from a tornado or other disaster, states the Georgia Department of Insurance. The answer varies, but many policies do provide some sort of coverage for additional living expenses. Many first-time homeowners ask what they need to know about homeowners insurance before buying a house. In general, a homeowner needs to know that property insurance centers on protecting a house and its contents plus reimbursing losses, and that liability coverage protects a homeowner from lawsuits. The department recommends that a homeowner should insure a house for at least 80 percent of its replacement cost.

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