What Are Some Common Health Care Issues?


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Common health care issues as of January 2015 include lack of enough physicians, resistance to antibiotics and lack of access to grocery stores, according to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a chief medical correspondent for CNN. Hospital errors, the increasing cost of Alzheimer's treatment, and lack of proper balance between work and life for health care workers are other health care issues.

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Lack of enough doctors in the United States is an issue because the number of people seeking medical care is higher than the number of available doctors, notes Dr. Gupta. If the shortage continues, health care services are likely to be poor as patients may have delayed appointments with their doctors. One way to address this issue is to increase residency intake.

Resistance to antibiotics is a major problem in the health sector, and the World Health Organization also considers it an issue, states Dr. Gupta. Statistics indicate antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections attack 2 million or more people yearly in the world. The annual deaths due to bacterial resistance are 23,000 or more. One solution to this issue is the invention of more effective antibiotics. However, this may take time.

Lack of access to grocery stores, which are essential for good health, results from the fact a greater population of the United States resides in towns where there is an insufficient supply of grocery products, explains Dr. Gupta. This forces the people living in towns to resort to eating fast food, which predisposes them to chronic conditions, obesity and a short lifespan.

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