What Are Some Common General Administration Tasks? (difficult)?


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Some common general administration tasks are clerical tasks such as answering the phone and drafting correspondence. Administrators proofread documents, transcribe audio recordings, and schedule meetings and other appointments for co-workers and customers.

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General administration tasks include keeping computer records up-to-date. Administrators generally must type proficiently so that they can prepare business correspondence efficiently. Administrators work with computers in a variety of capacities, including updating software and creating log-in credentials. They manage online and paper filing systems and keep online security protocols current. File maintenance often involves confidential information, so general administration tasks include the development and implementation of procedures to keep this information secure.

Common skill sets for administrators include operating standard office equipment such as fax machines and copiers. General administration skills also include communication and interpersonal interaction, because administrators often greet clients and discuss logistics on the phone.

Some other general administration tasks are human-resource related tasks such as managing payroll and issuing pay checks, keeping employee attendance and time sheet records, and participating in recruitment and hiring efforts. Administrative tasks typically include processing incoming mail. Mail-related tasks include reviewing the mail for notice of appointments or identification of critical deadlines and distributing mail throughout the office. General administrative mailing tasks also include preparation of outgoing mail, which involves choosing proper mailing supplies and applying correct postage.

Although general administration skills usually do not require an advanced degree, some administrative assistant programs teach students the practical skills needed to work in an administrative capacity. These programs vary but typically require one or two years of study, according to Study.com.

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