What Are Some Common Features of Multi Million Dollar Homes?


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Some common features of multi-million dollar homes include customized rooms, garages and outdoor living spaces. Other features are large kitchens and guest quarters, as Azcentral indicates. The buyers of the homes want the best amenities and secluded locations.

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The customized rooms can include large offices, closets and wine rooms whose shelves have a controlled temperature. The homeowners also want rooms where the children can host friends and play video games or watch television. Fitness rooms with the best training equipment are also common features of multi-million dollar homes, explains Azcentral.

Most buyers prefer homes with three or four garages where they can store their motorcycle or car collections. Over-height garages are a preference because the owners can install lifts to enable them stack cars, according to Azcentral.

Outdoor spaces are the other common features because the homeowners use them as entertainment spaces. The amenities in these spaces are barbecue grills, bars, swimming pools and refrigerators, says Azcentral.

Kitchens are an important part of these homes. Those who buy multi-million dollar homes want large kitchens where they can store multiple ovens, dishwashers and ovens. They want large kitchen spaces that catering companies can use comfortably, notes Azcentral.

Guest houses are a common feature because the owners may host their aging parents or adult children when they visit. The quarters are big and spacious, according to Azcentral.

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