What Are Common Features of Houses in San Antonio?

Common architectural styles and influences in Texas, including San Antonio, include wooden, brick, or stone buildings; turreted mansions; and Victorian details following the reconstruction of homes in the Victorian era, according to the Texas State Historical Association. Many Texas cities now have a Victorian architectural appeal, as the era was influential on the state.

Both civic and commercial architecture became more important during the Victorian era, which is why there are many significant buildings in San Antonio and beyond in the style of the Victorian era, the Texas State Historical Association reports. The Capitol of the state, which was completed in 1988, was built from red granite and designed in a Renaissance Revival style inspired by the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Granite, cast iron, and either Victorian or Renaissance Revival-era decorations and styles have taken pride and place in public buildings around the state, the Texas State Historical Association reports, highlighting the variation in style between residential areas and the community government buildings. In residential buildings, it is more common to see Art Deco or modern styles, as buildings since the 1940s have taken on these characteristics. The use of ornate geometric motifs highlights these styles. Greek Revival style architecture is also found within homes, churches and schools throughout San Antonio.