What Are Some Common Entry-Level Jobs for Recent College Grads?

What Are Some Common Entry-Level Jobs for Recent College Grads?

Common entry-level jobs for recent college graduates include warehouse logistics coordinator, graphic designer, financial analyst, marketing associate and pharmacy assistant. Each position includes different skills and specializations, which often relate directly to the college student's recent degree.

Many college students obtain entry-level positions within the field of warehouse logistics, which involves managing the inventory of a warehouse or distribution center. This position may involve checking individual orders or completing data entry tasks to monitor current inventory, with the intent to rise up towards managerial positions overseeing the entire warehouse.

Graphic design jobs are also common among graduates with art degrees, both in traditional and digital mediums. These jobs can focus on simple art creating for companies or marketing firms, and lead up to positions as lead artists or art directors.

Graduates with financial degrees often enter firms in analyst positions, which involve reviewing data relating to many different topics and industries to identify trends, make investment suggestions or conduct risk assessment. The positions typically involve reviewing and compiling data for senior analysts or other financial advisers, with growth leading to a wide range of financial careers.

Marketing students frequently obtain entry-level jobs as associates, which can include tasks such as designing basic campaigns, analyzing data, writing copy or working with other departments to implement larger strategies.

Pharmacology graduates typically enter the workforce as pharmacy assistant, working alongside a senior pharmacist while they earn higher medical degrees.