What Are Some Common Engineering Jobs?


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Common engineering jobs include civil engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, aerospace engineer and computer engineer. Other engineering jobs include software engineer, software engineer and nuclear engineer. As of 2014, civil engineers hold the largest number of jobs in the engineering field, with more than 274,000 working, according to Forbes.

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Civil engineers work on the design and construction of various structures. These engineers also work on the construction of buildings, bridges and roads. Most civil engineers have a speciality, such as water resources, surveying, construction or transportation. As of 2015, this type of engineer receives the highest paid median wage of any engineering specialty.

As of 2015, mechanical engineers hold the second-largest number of jobs in the engineering field with more than 264,000 working, according to Forbes. Mechanical engineers work on applications of mechanical power. This type of engineer designs mechanical tools, systems and machines. Mechanical engineers understand the principles of heat transfer, kinematics and energy.

Electrical engineers help round out the top two-thirds of engineering jobs in the field. These engineers study electricity and understand its different principles. Electrical engineers design electrical systems that function as a result of computer chips and circuits. This type of engineer works in electronics and telecommunications.

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