What Are Some Common Employee Survey Questions?


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Common employee survey questions cover topics such as job satisfaction, managerial supervision, availability of work tools and whether or not employees feel appreciated. Some survey questions ask employees if they feel proud of their work environment, or if they understand their role in the company.

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Employee job satisfaction surveys use multiple choice questions, open-ended questions requiring a comment or a combination of both. Employers using multiple choice questions can include questions about personal growth skills, productivity and customer relations. Questions are in the form of a statement and employees can strongly agree, somewhat agree, remain neutral or strongly disagree. Survey questions sometimes use scale in a different way. A typical productivity question might ask how much time is spent performing a specific task, allowing employees to choose among various time ranges.

Survey questions requiring commentary should be short and clearly worded. Employers seeking best practices for productivity can get quality responses by asking what helps an employee stay productive on the job. Follow-up questions may attempt to find out what employees need to improve productivity. A survey about employee retention is effective when requiring the employee to choose the best answer from a list. Employee surveys tackle the motivation issue by asking a question pertaining to the employee's investment in the company's success.

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