What Are Some Common Employee Exit Interview Questions?

What Are Some Common Employee Exit Interview Questions?

Common employee exit interview questions revolve around why an employee started looking for a new job, instances that may have encouraged them to leave and suggestions to help the company in the future, reports the National Federation of Independent Business. Employee exit interview questions help the company figure out why an employee decided to take another job and help it gain insight as to what it can do to retain employees in the future.

An exit interview will provide an avenue to be honest and explore why the employee is leaving the company, according to Glassdoor.

One common exit interview question is: "How did you learn about your new job opening?" This allows the employer to see how other jobs are being advertised and how employees may hear about them.

Another common question is: "What led you to accept the new position?" This explores reasons as to why an employee may leave the company. It can address issues that may be happening in the company internally, workplace disagreements, lack of training and a feeling of unpreparedness and other issues that could cause someone to seek employment elsewhere.

Another employee exit interview question is: "If you could change anything about the job or company, what would it be?" This provides a way to gather honest insight as to what could be changed about a company. Suggestions are a way for a former employee to give feedback and potentially change what bothered them and made them search elsewhere.