What Are Some Common Elements on a Service Agreement Contract?


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Common elements on a service agreement contract include a description of the services to be rendered, a price for the services and a delivery date. The contract also names the service provider and the client and includes contact information for both parties. Most contracts also include legal language that states the agreement between the parties, specifies the currency and explains the copyright ownership of the work created during the service agreement.

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The description of services is included on all service agreement contracts, but the length and complexity varies. For straightforward projects, the statement may be a short phrase. Complex projects or long-term contracts usually include a detailed description of services. Long, specific descriptions lead to less legal ambiguity in the case of a contract dispute.

The delivery date is an important part of any contract; if the service provider does not complete work by the specified date, it may lead to a breach of contract. For long-term projects, the agreement usually includes two or more dates, along with the specific tasks that are to be completed by each date.

The price agreement may be in the form of an hourly rate or a lump sum. For long-term projects, the contract may lay out a payment plan.

Most service agreement contracts include a name, billing address and telephone number for each party.

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