What Are Some Common EDI Transaction Codes?


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Common EDI transaction codes include EDI 180, which establishes the data contents of the return merchandise authorization and notification transaction set, and EDI 214, which is the motor carrier shipment status message. EDI 810 is the invoice code, and EDI 754 communicates routing instructions to the vendor.

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The EDI 180 transaction set addresses both customary and established business and industry processes related to returning a product to the seller. The set covers all request, authorization and notification information about consumer returns. Motor freight carriers use the EDI 214 code to inform a company of the status of its shipment. The code indicates the departure and arrival dates of the merchandise and highlights any stops along the route. It also indicates the location from which the merchandise originated, its intended destination and acts as proof of delivery and acknowledgment of receipt to shippers, consignees and their agents.

EDI 810 provides a cost-effective way of billing for goods and services by eliminating the need for printing and mailing invoices. EDI 754 conveys detailed routing information to a supplier for a particular shipment. Vendors can also use this code to respond to a request for routing instruction, represented by EDI 753, which also provides general information about merchandise that is ready for shipping.

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