What Are Some Common Design Ideas for a Pool House?

Common design ideas for a pool house often include a bathroom and kitchen, which tends to make the building project expensive. A common alternative to a pool house plan with a bathroom and kitchen is a cabana, which is a covered shelter that is open on all sides, allowing for protection from the sun while also offering a view of the pool and a comfortable seating area.

Other common design ideas for pool houses include plans allowing for a changing room, a lounge area, and a laundry room or hamper for dirty towels and bathing suits. More elaborate designs may have a guest room attached to the pool house and closets with room for supplies such as extra towels, cleaning products, pool toys and equipment.

Pool house designs should only include features that are going to be used regularly, so as to prevent unnecessary expenditures that occur when features are added on a whim. It's also helpful to find building plans online, at pool stores or other retail outlets. This helps to keep costs down by avoiding the use of an architect, which can be very expensive. Pool design plans can be found on several different websites including Bob Vila, HGTV and Houzz.