What Are Some Common Crane Hand Signals?


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Common crane hand signals include hoist, lower, emergency stop and dog everything, explains Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. These symbols tell the crane operator what to do with the crane. The bridge travel signal explains road conditions.

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The hoist signal requires a person to raise his arm, point his forefinger skyward and make a circular motion with the hand, explains CCOHS. For lower, a person points his forefinger toward the ground and makes a circular motion with the hand. To perform the emergency stop signal, a person extends his arm parallel to the ground, and with palm down, he rapidly moves his hand back and forth. For dog everything, a person clasps his hands in front of him, and this tells the crane operator to pause. To indicate bridge travel, a person holds his open hand in front of him, and in the direction of travel makes a pushing motion.

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