What Are Some Common Complaints About Gossen Decking?


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Common complaints about decking from the Gossen Corporation focus on the company's failure to deliver on promises of a deck that does not experience warping or discoloration during normal use and exposure to weather conditions. Customers claim that its line of Passport Polyvinyl Chloride decking changes color and appearance when it comes into contact with common decking furniture, such as flower pots and chairs.

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Gossen offers a line of PVC decking that it claims is resilient to weather exposure and common wear, retaining its original coloring and shape over time. The product is made from a special kind of PVC, which is a type of synthetic composite material that resembles plastic, which the company claims has a unique surface that holds onto its color and resists damage from external sources. However, many consumers complain that the material does not retain its original coloration, experiencing alterations and decreases in vibrancy and shade as the deck comes into contact with water and other types of weather.

The company also claims that customers do not need to treat the deck, as is the case with wooden materials, to prevent damage or mold. Some customer complaints say that when using the deck under these directions, contact from deck furniture causes alterations in color and appearance on the point of contact. The decking may also warp in certain areas as owners walk on it or place items on top of it.

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