What Are Common Complaints About the Crazy 88 Auto Loan Business?

As of 2015, the most common complaints from customers about Crazy 88 revolve around advertising and sales issues, as well as general problems with the product and service, according to the Better Business Bureau. Crazy 88 is not BBB accredited.

Most customers who have approached car dealers and car lots affiliated with Crazy 88 in the hope of securing cheap financing for cars have been turned down, according to complaints on the Better Business Bureau website and on ComplaintBoard.com. These individuals were all pursuing the advertised guarantee of owning a car after making an $88 deposit and monthly payments of the same amount. Nearly all car lots that the customers visited denied the existent of this auto loan, and some could only give out cars with a $500 down payment. Crazy 88 has denied the existence of some customers who have brought forward these complaints, or in some cases, stated that they do not advertise on behalf of car dealerships.

Other customers say that Crazy 88 does not deliver on its auto loan promise. According to complaints posted on the Better Business Bureau website, customers’ calls, emails and letters have gone unanswered after having filed multiple applications for the auto loan. Other customers state on ComplaintBoard.com that the personal and credit information they presented to the business has been used or sold to other companies, and they also receive multiple telemarketer calls and emails. Individuals who requested that the business delete their records reportedly received no answer.