What Are Some Common Complaints About Certegy Vcom Machines?


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Common complaints about Certegy Vcom machines include various issues with the service refusing to accept customers' checks, regardless of available funds or credit history, as well as an inability to obtain a reason for the decline from the company. Other complaints claim that the machines take several days to clear checks, which results in unauthorized additional charges to the consumer's account, as of 2015.

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Certegy Vcom machines allow merchants to accept checks at the point of sale, electronically processing the check to verify its authenticity and the availability of funds. However, many consumers complain that the machines decline their checks for no apparent reason. According to official complaints against Certegy on the Better Businesses Bureau website, many consumers were unable to pay for purchases using checks at merchants with Vcom machines. Some customers were able to pay for the purchases with an alternate payment method, though many were unable to find a reason why the company refused to accept the checks.

Anther common type of complaint involves the company's billing practices, as consumers claim that Certegy attempts to post multiple charges against customer checking accounts. In these scenarios, the customer pays for a purchase with a check at a merchant with a Certegy Vcom machine, but must wait several days for the funds to deduct from the account. During this time, Certegy attempts to withdraw the funds a second time, after which the initial withdrawal clears and removes the funds. This results in multiple deductions for the same purchase.

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