What Are Some Common Childcare Jobs?


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Childcare jobs include au pair, nanny, babysitter and doula. These different specialized childcare jobs are based on unique responsibilities for parents seeking assistance with caregiving for their children.

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An au pair is a young adult who lives with a family to provide childcare and housekeeping services. The au pair is typically from a foreign country, and her employment is monitored by the Department of State. A nanny may also live in the family home to provide childcare and various other tasks related to running a household. This provider may reside outside of the home and work on a scheduled basis.

Babysitters are commonly hired for childcare, with the majority of their focus on caregiving. Babysitters may work on a part-time or a full-time basis. A doula is a childcare provider who focuses on providing support to a pregnant woman before, during and after pregnancy.

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