What Are Common Characteristics of a Timesheet?


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Common characteristics of a timesheet include a section to track the name of the employee, the date on which she is working and the total number of hours she works during that period. Many timesheets also include additional sections for the type of work being done, such as overtime or paid leave, as well as details about the nature of the job.

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The most basic form of a timesheet focuses on the hours a single employee works over a set period of time -- usually a standard pay period for that workplace. Most sheets include entries for each day within the period, often with labels for the exact date as well as the day of the week, with a corresponding area for the employee to write down the total number of hours she works on that day. Some time sheets may have additional sections that allow the employee to log the start and stop times for billable hours over the day.

Depending on the nature of the timesheet, it may also include sections to track periods of work with different pay rates or those that count toward another form of payment. Many timesheets appear in spreadsheet programs, which allow the creator to insert formulas to automatically calculate the hours for each day and the total period, as well as the gross payment due for that period. Some sheets also include sections to track the hours of multiple employees on the same document.

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