What Are Some Common Careers in the Medical Field?


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Common careers in the medical field include dentist, nurse practitioner, physician and dental hygienist. Other common medical careers include physical therapist, registered nurse, physician assistant and diagnostic medical sonographer.

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A primary care physician may choose a career in family medicine, which means that they treat a variety of common health conditions for patients of all ages. Internal medicine is another option, which often involves more training than family medicine.

Internists may provide primary care, or they may choose to seek out a specialized career such as gastroenterology or endocrinology. Internists typically only treat adults. It is also common for internists to seek a career as hospitalists, which means they work in a hospital, rather than a clinic.

Another common career in the medical field is the surgeon. A person can choose to work in general surgery, or specialized fields such as cardiac surgery, orthopedic surgery or neurosurgery. Training to become a surgeon may take longer than other medical careers.

A cardiologist is a medical professional who focuses on the heart and the blood vessels surrounding the heart. Training to become a cardiologist is an extensive process that requires a minimum of six years. Dermatologists focus on skin, and dermatology is often one of the most desirable careers in the medical field because of its competitive wages.

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