What Are the Most Common Career Paths for Art Graduates?


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Two of the most common career paths for art graduates are to pursue one specific medium through independent contracting and commission work or join a larger company or firm. Many also join creative branches of marketing or advertising companies and transition into critical or administrative roles.

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Many art degree graduates seek careers that allow them to work in a particular artistic medium, such as painting, sculpting, photography or printmaking. This often occurs through jobs as artists in residence at museums or galleries or as artists opening their own businesses. For example, a fine arts major may receive commissions by advertising her skills on social media, while a photographer may start a company taking pictures at weddings. It is also common for art degree recipients to work at larger companies with a creative focus, such as painters joining an animation company or a sculptor joining a special effects firm for movies and television shows.

Art graduates who study graphic design also commonly transition into marketing or advertising companies, creating print and online visuals. Other art majors who don't have graphic design degrees also frequently pursue careers at these companies, translating their own skills to the necessary actions of the job. Many companies in other sectors also employ a dedicated marketing or advertising team with such skills. Art graduates may also work as art critics, museum or gallery curators or as administrators in a creative industry.

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