What Are Some Common Call Center Interview Questions and Answers?


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Common call center interview questions may focus on why the applicant left her last position, how she would respond to an angry customer, what she thinks matters most for a call center and why she wants to work at the company. The answers to these questions should focus on positively highlighting the benefits of providing excellent customer service and helping customers resolve issues.

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Many call center job interviews include questions about the applicant's past job experience, including why she is looking for a new job. The applicant should refrain from speaking ill of her former employers, instead highlighting her desire to obtain more experience in the field and work at companies that offer room for advancement. She should also explain any goals for the future, such as becoming a manager.

The interviewer may also present the applicant with different common scenarios and ask how she would respond. In these cases, she should explain that call center employee should always be willing to listen to the complaints of a customer and do everything she can to resolve the issue. Similarly, if the interviewer asks her what matters most to a call center, she should explain the positive effects of making customers happy with the company or product. Call center employees should never place short call times or getting customers off the phone above solving the customers' issues.

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