What Are Some Common Business Financial Forms?


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Some common business financial forms include balance sheets, cash flow budgets, income statement, daily cash sheets and new business cash needs forms. Other forms used to document and analyze an organization's finances include trial balance worksheets, present value tables, customer statements of accounts and the owner's personal financial statements. Forms that relate to a company's dealing with a bank or other financial institution include loan applications and monthly account reconciliations.

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There are specialized forms that relate to specific types of businesses and situations. Manufacturing firms typically use forms to document the cost of goods and create worksheets for fixed or variable overhead variances. Retail or service businesses may use contribution margin income statements. Forms appropriate to non-profit organizations are statements of financial position, activities or functional expenses. Financial forms that apply to specific business situations include depreciation and amortization of bond premiums and discounts.

When a foreign or domestic corporation issues publicly owned and traded stock, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, requires them to file certain forms. The primary filing is a registration statement, which is made up of made up of a prospectus and a statement of additional information. Other statements that the SEC may require companies to file include 10-K reports, 10-Q reports, 8-Q reports, proxy statements and Schedule 13D forms.

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