What Are Some Common Burger King Special Promotions?


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Some common Burger King special promotions include price-slashed 10-piece chicken nuggets, chicken fries, two sandwiches for $5, and black burger buns. These recurring promotions have, in some cases, become permanent fixtures of the restaurant.

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As of 2015, Burger King has run a promotion selling 10 chicken nuggets for $1.49 three times within the past two years. The popular deal is intended to compete with McDonalds, as the opposing chain has sold 20-piece boxes of nuggets at a deep discount. The $1.49 significantly undercuts McDonald's in the hopes of driving more consumers to Burger King franchises. Burger King has also intermittently run a promotion since 2013 that allows costumers to buy two sandwiches for $5.

Burger King franchises in Japan offer burgers with black buns. For Halloween of 2015, American franchises began serving the same buns as a limited-time promotion.

Chicken fries were originally offered by the chain as a special promotion. They proved so popular that they were brought back repeatedly and eventually graduated to becoming a full-time menu item.

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