What Are the Most Common Benefits Included in a ECG/EKG Technician's Salary Package?

Common benefits for an ECG/EKG technician include medical, dental and vision. Medical benefits come in about 74 percent of cases, dental benefits in about 58 percent of cases, and vision benefits in about 45 percent of cases. In only a quarter of cases, an ECG/EKG technician doesn't receive any benefits.

In most cases, the wage of an EKG technician is only about 66 percent of what she actually receives. Employers contribute to both health care insurance and government and private retirement programs, in combination with the 401k adding up to about 13.5 percent and 12 percent respectively. All of these combined add up to a total compensation of over $48,000 per year.

Without taking the benefits into account, an average income for an EKG technician was around $32,000 in February 2012. This amounts to about $13 per hour. However, pay ranges from $9 to $20 per hour, amounting to $20,531 to $42,362 per year.

Currently, the industry is predominantly female, with around 74 percent of employees being women and 26 percent men. In terms of the needed training for the job, it is possible for technicians to be trained directly on the job. However, most employers prefer to hire people who have completed a course. Training programs are available at vocational schools, community colleges, technical institutes and allied health schools.