What Are Some Common Administrative Jobs?


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Common administrative jobs include roles as secretaries, receptionists, clerical aids and office managers. Other jobs include administrative assistants, executive assistants and various positions that revolve around data entry, such as converting physical forms to digital documents or tallying the results of a poll.

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Most administrative work revolves around organization of an office environment to ensure its proper and seamless function. For example, an entry level administrative position such as a secretary is responsible for answering the main phone line for the office, directing calls to the appropriate parties and meeting clients and guests who visit the office. Moving up in the administrative job chain, an office manager works with multiple departments to ensure each has the proper access to shared resources and facilities, handles the payments for office bills and utilities, coordinates events for employees such as company meetings or training seminars and handles ordering supplies such as pens, paper or food.

Secretaries are another type of administrative job that focuses on organization, but this focus may be on the actions of one person or small group of people. Some secretaries screen the calls for another employee, manage an appointment calendar and schedule meetings. There are also legal and medical secretaries that perform the same actions as well as other tasks that involve a more detailed knowledge of that field. An executive assistant performs these administrative and organizational tasks for a member of the company's executive team, typically the CEO.

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