How Do You Find Commercial Property for Sale?

Find commercial property for sale by visiting sites such as, and and searching the available listings. offers the largest geographic coverage for commercial real estate online, according to its website.

To search for properties on, navigate to the website, and choose the type of property from the drop-down menu under "All Properties for sale" in the search box on the home page. Choose the type of property desired from industrial, office, retail, hotel & motel and other offerings. Enter a location in the "Enter a Location" box, and then click on "Search." View the properties for sale and the contact information for the real estate agent handling the property, advises

To find commercial properties for sale on, visit the "Commercial Search" section and enter the city, state or ZIP code desired. Click the magnifying glass to begin the search. Click on properties from the search results to view the properties and more information on each.

Find commercial properties for sale via by visiting the website, clicking on the "Commercial" section and entering a property address or location before clicking "Search." Set parameters for the search by clicking the boxes under the search box, such as office, retail and industrial.