How Do You Come up With a Unique Business Name?


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When coming up with a unique business name, consider the type of business, target audience and competition. After considering these factors and creating a list of names, research your top choices to be sure they are not being used by other companies.

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While it is important to have a unique name that captures attention and causes customers to remember it, the name should also communicate the type of business you're running. Upon hearing the name, a potential customer should have a good idea of the type of business it is, including the types of products or services provided. It is also advisable to evoke some type of emotional response from the name.

Try to keep the name short and sweet. Overly long business names are hard to remember and often lack creativity. If a logo or color scheme has already been created for the purpose of branding the business, these design elements should be considered when deciding on a good business name. When compiling a list of possible names, write them out and say them out loud. It helps to know how they look and how they sound to others. If the name is difficult to say, pick another one.

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