How Do You Come up With a List of Catchy Business Names?

To come up with a list of catchy business names, brainstorm to get all your ideas on paper. Then combine parts of words that relate to your business into new words. Add general business names to the list, and refine it down to the best options.

  1. Do a quick brainstorming session

    Sit down with a computer or paper and pencil. Write down all of the business names you can think of until the ideas stop coming. Do not judge your ideas or edit yourself.

  2. Combine parts of related words

    Write down all the words that relate to your services, products, customers and industry. Break the words into their individual syllables, and combine them to create unique business names. Opt for simple names that clearly communicate the purpose of your company or let customers know what industry you operate in. Add your favorite options to the main list.

  3. Add non-specific names

    If you expect your business to provide a range of services or to change purposes over the course of its lifetime, add nonspecific names to the list. Start with a word relating to you or the business, such as your last name, city name, region name or industry name. Then add a general term to describe what your company offers, such as "services," "products" or "designs."

  4. Refine your list

    Pare down your list to the most creative and memorable names. Take off any names that are already in use and remove items that are hard to say, spell or remember. Get a second opinion from friends and colleagues; ask them to vote for the best ideas, and use the results to narrow the list down to the catchiest options.