How Do You Come up With Good Slogans?

Good slogans should be simple, have a clear message, and should be honest about a brand while still being clever and making use of wordplay, a factor that can make a slogan more memorable, notes Creating a certain mood with a slogan is also a good idea for branding.

The best slogans are typically very simple, utilizing just a handful of words in order to send a powerful message. While it can be tempting to use a slogan to send a direct message, it is often better to utilize tools such as wordplay in order to imply a certain message. For example, the “Just Do It” slogan from Nike, consisting of only three words, sends a powerful message that reminds people to get out there and give their all, whether they are going for a morning jog or taking part in heavy sports activity.

Another thing that businesses must bear in mind is what the competitors are doing in regards to their logo. It is important not to replicate or mirror the slogan of a competitor, even if this is not intentional. After all, business owners want potential clients and customers to see that they are different from the rest at first glance.