How Do You Come up With a Business Name?

How Do You Come up With a Business Name?

To find the right business name, brainstorm ideas by combining words and discarding names that are clichéd or taken. Determine which ideas best fit your business vision, then select a name.

  1. Define the business

    Determine what theme your brand should represent. For instance, words such as "thrifty" or "value" should not describe a luxury brand. Develop a clear vision of your business plan beforehand so the name matches it well.

  2. List words that describe your business

    Brainstorm words or phrases that relate to your business vision. They do not need to fit perfectly yet.

  3. Spell accurately, and avoid made-up words

    Unusual spellings are tempting because of their originality. However, you should avoid them because potential customers may search in the wrong places if they assume correct spelling.

  4. Be memorable

    Select words or phrases with memorable qualities, such as imagery, alliteration or internal rhyme. Creativity is ideal so long as the wording is relevant and appropriately spelled and the theme is somewhat familiar.

  5. Put the words together

    Using your list, combine words until the right business name appears. Experiment with simple names such as "Anna's Rugs" or unique names such as "Anna's Magic Carpets." Strive for clarity without limiting future business changes should you expand your offerings down the road.