What Are Some Colleges That Offer Dean's List Scholarships?

Yale University School of Public Health, Coastal Carolina University, the University of Colorado Denver, the University of North Texas and the University of Maryland offer dean's list scholarships, according to each university's website. Eligibility may require enrollment in specific degree programs, being in school for a certain number of years or having a minimum grade point average. Scholarship benefits may pay for tuition, housing and the cost of participating in certain programs.

The Yale University School of Public Health Dean's Scholarship pays for two years of tuition, room and board, and other student expenses, as indicated on the university's website. Specific eligibility requirements include enrollment in the school, passion for public health and demonstrated academic achievement.

Eligibility requirements for Coastal Carolina University's dean's list scholarship include full-time undergraduate enrollment, active involvement in the degree program and the completion of 30 credit hours with a minimum 3.25 grade point average by the time the scholarship is awarded, explains the university.

The dean's list scholarship criteria of the University of Colorado Denver include current enrollment in certain baccalaureate degree programs, a minimum 3.0 grade point average, and admittance to the dean's list during the fall and spring semesters of the year immediately preceding the award, according to the university.

Requirements for the dean's list scholarship of the University of North Texas include full-time enrollment in the University's College of Arts and Sciences, two letters of recommendation, and minimum academic performance standards, states the university.

The dean's scholarship of the University of Maryland is designed specifically for entering freshmen, as the university explains.