What College Scholarships Are Available for Adopted Children?

Among the college scholarships available for adopted children are NFPA Youth Scholarships, International Student Foundation Scholarships and Horatio Alger Scholarships, reports the National Foster Parent Association. Foster Care to Success offers a number of scholarships that various organizations, families and individuals fund, according to FC2S. The federal government has regulations that make it easier for adopted children to qualify for federal aid, and several state governments have scholarships for adopted children, adds the North American Council on Adoptable Children.

To apply for NFPA scholarships, adopted children must still be in high school, and their parents must be NFPA members, states NFPA. Qualifying adopted children, foster children and biological children of foster parents can use the scholarships for junior college or university studies. The International Student Foundation provides scholarships and one-on-one mentoring for college-bound adopted children and orphans. To qualify, children must already be accepted to a college and commit to telephone oversight by a personal mentor. Recipients of Horatio Alger Scholarships receive $22,000 spread out over their college careers along with other support services as of 2015.

According to federal guidelines, adopted children can list themselves as independent students on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, so their parents' income does not count when the federal government considers them for student aid, explains the North American Council on Adoptable Children. States that offer special scholarships for adopted children include Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey and Oklahoma. Other states have tuition waiver programs for adopted children.