Does Cole Muffler Offer Printable Coupons?

Does Cole Muffler Offer Printable Coupons? offers a number of printable auto service coupons, tire rebates and special promotions that are valid at Cole Muffler, as of 2015. The company acquired the Cole Muffler & Brake chain in November of 2008, so Mavis promotions are valid at all Cole locations. displays its Tire Sale Coupons and Rebates tab on the bottom of the webpage. The service coupons provided are valid at STS Tire & Auto in addition to Mavis and Cole locations. The page also provides information on rebates offered by name-brand tire manufacturers such as Michelin, GoodYear, Continental, Dunlop and Yokohama. Furthermore, the company is offering a buy-three-get-one-free promotion on name-brand tires, provided that the tires are installed by a Mavis auto shop. offers a price match guarantee as well.

Large discount sites such as Saving Story may also offer promotions for Mavis tires. However, these sites may not always be up to date on which promotions have expired.