How Do You Cold Call?


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To make a cold call, ask to speak to the person responsible for purchasing your product or service. Once you have this person on the line, ask for an appointment to explain the benefits your product or service can provide. Use a persuasive, courteous tone when conducting the call.

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Cold calls are telephone calls made to prospective customers with whom you have not had previous contact. These types of calls have a high rejection rate and require a quick sales pitch. If your business has had any type of previous contact with the prospective customer, then the call is termed a warm call.

The success rate of cold calls can be increased by selecting the right people to speak with. Target people or businesses that logically have an interest in your product. Research these customers thoroughly to establish rapport with them as soon as possible during the phone call. Practice the call before actually making it, establishing answers for likely objections before they are given.

Cold calling can be stressful, since the caller is often greeted with hostility. This is generally a reaction to the situation and not to the caller. Continue to call the names on your list, letting go of any hostile reactions from the other party.

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