Where Are Coinstar Machines Sold?

coinstar-machines-sold Credit: Mike Mozart/CC-BY 2.0

All Coinstar machines are owned and operated by Outerwall, Inc. Coinstar machines are not available for purchase by individuals or retail establishments. Information on Coinstar machine placement and retail partnership can be found on the contact page on the Outerwall, Inc. website.

Outerwall, Inc. owns and operates retail kiosks and is the corporate entity behind the Redbox, Coinstar and ecoATM brands. Coinstar kiosks convert coins into cash or gift cards and are located in retail establishments throughout the country. Coinstar receives a 10 percent commission for each completed cash transaction.

Coins can also be converted to eGift Cards and charity donations at select kiosks. Coinstar Exchange kiosks exchange unused gift cards for vouchers that can be used at different retail establishments and restaurants. There is no cost associated with the gift card exchange program, though verification of identity is required.

Participating retailers vary by region and participating kiosk. A full list of kiosks by type and location is available on the Coinstar website. A contact form on the Outerwall, Inc. website is available for retailers to request further information on products, services and placement of kiosks. Outerwall, Inc. is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, and as of June 2014, over 65,000 kiosks are placed worldwide .