How do you find Coinstar locations in Texas?


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Find Coinstar locations in Texas by visiting Coinstar.com, accessing the Find a Kiosk tool and entering the ZIP code or the name of a city within the state, as of 2015. The tool generates a map of the area with special markers designating the location of each kiosk, which includes its address, details and directions via the Bing Maps tool.

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Coinstar kiosks allow users to automatically sort and count spare change and convert it to a gift card or cash voucher redeemable at the location housing the kiosk, such as a grocery store, though it also operates machines that accept retail gift cards as well. The Find a Kiosk tool on Coinstar.com begins with the option to select the type of Coinstar machine for which the user is looking, along with a section to enter the location parameters for the search, either as a five-digit ZIP code or the name of the city with either the word "Texas" or its abbreviation.

The results page includes an interactive map with special markers that indicate the exact location of each kiosk as well as a list of the locations in that area. Entries on the list include the street address of the building housing the kiosk and a link to view details about that machine, such as the gift cards available and the presence of redemption options that do not include fees. Users can view the same information by clicking on a kiosk's marker on the map to launch a details window.

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