How Do You Find Coin Values?

coin-values Credit: sigita playdon photography/Moment/Getty Images

Websites allow coin enthusiasts to find the value of a particular coin with ease. CoinTrackers and My Coin Collecing are two such examples. Popular coins listed on CoinTrackers include Barber Quarters, the Walking Liberty Half Dollar and the Liberty Seated Dime. My Coin Collecting allows a collector to investigate the coin of interest by entering its country of origin, denomination, ruler/type and period in a database to search for it.

According to the My Coin Collecting, there are several factors that determine a coin's value. Old and rare coins are valued by their scarcity. The condition of the coin also plays a role in its worth. For gold and silver coins, the bullion value, or the amount of precious metal it contains, is also considered. These coins tend to sell for approximately their melt value. Demand for a coin raises or lowers its value, and a coin that is more recent may be of greater value than a rarer one simply because more people are looking for it. Finally, a slightly subjective factor to look at is coin quality. Quality includes minting characteristics and general aesthetic appeal. Collectors and dealers look for eye-catching traits such as luster, color, tone and strike when determining the coin's quality.