How Do Coin Counting Vending Machines Work?

Coin counting vending machines work by using a special mechanism that detects the size, shape and weight of coins to determine their denominations and tally the total count and value of each type. Some machines return the coins sorted into special containers, while others allow users to redeem them for gift cards, vouchers or paper currency.

A coin counting machine typically includes a designated area into which users must place or insert the coins to initiate the counting process. Larger vending machines also contain special trays that help filter out debris or other items from the coins before entering the machine. As the coins pass through the system, the machine checks each one against its internal calibrations to determine its value, rejected damaged coins or foreign currency.

Some coin counting vending machines include an interface that allows the user to specify the specific process she wishes to complete or to browse through the available redemption options. These machines frequently allow users to choose the redemption method at the end of the counting process, also displaying any fees associated with each option. When the user makes a selection, the machine prints out a voucher or gift card code for use at the specified retailer. Depending on the location and type of machine, cash exchanges may also print out a voucher the user must redeem with a cashier at the store.