What Are Some Free Clock-in Services for Employees?

Several companies offer free time clock programs for employers including Open Time Clock, Time Clock Wizard, Anuko, Kimai and CKZ. Each of these companies offers a free version of its timekeeping software.

The Open Time Clock is a Web-based time clock that allows users free access to the basic time clock. This time clock allow users to clock in from multiple devices and from anywhere on the planet. While the basic time clock is free, users who wish to use advanced features are charged a monthly free. Email support is free for both paid and unpaid users.

The Time Clock Wizard's time clock is Web-based and offers advanced features for free. This software allows users to generate time sheets, payroll reports, contact information reports and attendance reports. All features of the time clock are free.

The Anuko Time Tracker is available for online use for small teams of up to five people. Anuko also has a downloadable version of the time clock for larger teams. The free version of Time Track can be accessed by computer or mobile device and offers reports to manage time spent on projects.

Kimai is an open-source time tracker that can be downloaded to any computer. The time tracker allows unlimited users and is free, but donations are requested. Kimai offers a demonstration version of the software to display its interface and reporting capabilities.

The CKZ time clock is free but limited to three employees. In addition to tracking time sheets, the software features payroll reporting, attendance tracking and tracking vacation accrual. For users who have more than three employees, CKZ offers several paid versions of its time clock.