How Do You Clock in on an Employee Time Clock Online?


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To clock in using an online employee time clock, visit the website of the time clock provider, and log into the site using assigned password information. Next, find your name on the list of employees, and clock in using your assigned employee online time sheet.

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Each employee is given a page in the online time clock system that displays the employee's name and photo, along with the name of the employee's supervisor. An overview of the employee's accrued work hours is displayed along with the number of time-off hours and accrued sick and vacation time. Below is a detailed time card that displays dates, clock-in and clock-out times for the current week. A time clock appears in the upper portion of the screen, and directly below is a button employees can click to record arrival and departure times.

In addition to recording time card data, the time clock screen provides menu choices for special projects and hourly reports. Employees can include written notes for supervisors while clocking in or out. Employees can also print out the time card by clicking on the appropriate menu link and following instructions. Managers can provide announcements and training videos for employees to view when logged into the system.

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