What Are Some Clever Ways to Use Rubber Bands?

What Are Some Clever Ways to Use Rubber Bands?

Prevent clothes from falling off hangers, mark a place in a book, create a nifty wrist strap to avoid dropping tools or other items or make a traditional cellphone hands-free using rubber bands. You can also keep sliced apples fresh by using rubber bands.

Loop rubber bands through or around clothes as you hang them. The extra loop or tight grip of the band prevents freshly cleaned clothes from falling off hangers and on to the floor.

When taking a break from reading, place a rubber band inside the pages of a book like a traditional bookmark. Wrapping a rubber band around the pages to be read and the back of the book makes it easy to find your place and get back to reading.

If you put a rubber band through a loop or strap on a tool then run it through itself, you can repeat the process on your wrist to avoid dropping the tool.

Use a rubber band to strap a cellphone to your ear and hold it in place if you need both hands during a conversation and you don't have a hands-free device. Make sure that rubber bands are not tight enough to cause discomfort or leave marks.

Hold sliced apples together using a rubber band. An apple held firmly in its original shape stays as fresh as if it hadn't been cut.