What Is Cleveland Clinic's MyChart?

Cleveland Clinic's MyChart is an online health management tool that allows its patients continuous access to parts of their electronic medical records, test results and other information, according to Cleveland Clinic. Patients can use the secure system to complete other tasks, such as requesting, scheduling or canceling appointments with physicians, sending messages to their physicians, renewing prescriptions and keeping track of immunizations. Using MyChart requires access to a computer, an Internet connection and an email account.

Parents or legal guardians of children age 18 and under can access parts of their children's medical records using the MyChart Caregiver service, explains Cleveland Clinic. Legal guardians of dependent adults and caregivers with durable power of attorney for dependent adults' health care can obtain access to portions of their medical records. MyChart and MyChart Caregiver are free services for Cleveland Clinic patients.

Patients can send non-emergency medical messages securely to their established providers' offices using Message My Doctor’s Office, notes Cleveland Clinic. A member of the health care team responds within about three business days. MyChart does not use emails to send personal health information to its patients. The service does send notices by email to alert patients when there is new information in their secure MyChart accounts. Providers may send messages with test results to explain the importance of the information.