Who Does the Cleaning in a Restaurant?

Who Does the Cleaning in a Restaurant?

Front and back of house staff are responsible for the cleanliness and upkeep of respective areas. Some restaurants choose to contract the work out to a third party, such as a commercial cleaning service company that handles restaurants.

Front of house staff may include shift supervisors, hosts, bartenders, wait staff and bus people. Each kind of restaurant has its own assortment of unique equipment, and the volume of clientele a restaurant serves often determines the frequency and details of cleaning schedules.

There is a certain amount of cleaning that all restaurant staff must do daily. Kitchen staff must wipe down and sanitize prep and service areas, empty trash bins, clean the fryers and grills, clean out grease traps and run hood filters through a dishwasher. Front of house staff should wipe down tables, spray and wipe down front doors, clean restrooms and sweep and mop the dining areas.

Other cleaning chores may be completed weekly or even monthly, such as removing lime from sinks and faucets, washing and sanitizing reach-in coolers, cleaning the ovens according to the manufacturer's instructions, oiling cast iron cookware and sanitizing the ice machine.

Some restaurants restrict cleaning by employees to only the most essential, daily tasks and employ a restaurant cleaning team, such as Jani-King, to periodically perform intense, deep cleaning of the front and back of the house. Jani-King also provides 24-hour operations support and inspections to keep restaurant cleanliness at Department of Health standards.