How Do You Clean a Dymo Label Maker?

To clean a Dymo label maker, wipe away the dust and any other marks on its surface using a soft cloth and a soft solvent. To clean the print head, use the provided brush, a toothbrush, cotton and a solvent, or the cleaning card.

Before beginning to clean a Dymo label maker, disconnect the power. Begin cleaning by removing dust and other debris from the device's surface using a lint-free cloth. If there are any smudges or dirt marks, use isopropyl alcohol to remove them. Alternatively, dilute a small amount of liquid dishwashing detergent or glass cleaner that contains no ammonia, and use it to remove the marks.

Then, open the label maker's cover, and wipe away dust using a soft cloth. Remove any paper bits inside the device using a cotton bud or swab or a toothbrush. Take out the labels, and clean beneath the roll using the special brush, cotton or a toothbrush.

To use the cleaning card, insert it in the label maker, and press the button that reads Manual Feed, which causes the card to move through the device to clean it. Dispose of the card after cleaning. Restore power connection to the label maker, and replace the labels.