What Classifies a Company As Mostly Janitorial?


A company is classified as mostly janitorial if the primary services offered include cleaning residences and commercial businesses. Primary services of a janitorial company include cleaning and maintaining sanitation of the interior of a home or office.

Janitorial companies work day and night to provide sanitary environments by removing trash and replacing trash bags, vacuuming and shampooing carpets, recycling paper goods, waxing floors, dusting furniture and fixtures, and cleaning interior windows. Many janitorial companies maintain the cleanliness of restrooms by wiping counters and sinks and cleaning toilets. In some cases, janitorial companies are tasked with restocking shelves, supplies, bathroom towels, and paper and cleaning ingredients.

Some janitorial companies also provide services that include fixing minor repairs in homes and offices such as loose door handles, cracks in the walls or furniture, and scuffs on floors.

When hiring a janitorial company, many individuals and business owners consider the cost, cleaning specifications, background screening processes and hours of service. Larger janitorial companies typically provide uniforms so cleaning personnel are visible on job sites and provide employee training to ensure professionalism, confidentiality, and cleaning strategies and techniques. Smaller companies may focus on providing services to smaller office spaces and residences depending on the specific needs of the client.