What Are Some Classic Document Filing Systems?

What Are Some Classic Document Filing Systems?

Safe deposit boxes, file cabinets and record boxes are widely used to protect classic files, as reported by The Guardian. Classic document filing systems are archives for long-term file storage of documents such as insurance policies, medical records, banking records, copies of tax returns, housing records and copies of legal documents.

Classic document filing systems can be decorative as well as organized. However, much time should not be spent coloring or labeling the files, as many design options are available. The easiest way of setting up a classic document filing systems involves the following steps.

  1. Gather paperwork
  2. Gather paperwork into one place while grouping copies.

  3. Organize the documents
  4. Group the documents further according to their type such as banking, insurance and housing.

  5. Code the documents
  6. Give each group of documents a code, which can be alpha-numeric.

  7. Create a schedule
  8. Create a strict retention schedule to avoid files getting bloated over years, making it difficult to retrieve important files.

Action file and basic file systems are other efficient file management options depending on the period of document retention, as stated on the Smead Manufacturing Company website. An action file system is a tabletop file for daily, short-term filing of documents such as bills for payment and papers that require response. A basic file system is a working file for routine paperwork such as credit card statements.