What Classes Are Required to Get a CNA Nursing Home License?


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The classes required for a CNA home nursing license cover post-operative care, medical terminology, infection information, anatomy and medical ethics. Students also learn about patient rights, communication, hygiene and administrative issues when providing medical care.

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Education and training programs to become a CNA generally last about eight weeks. CNAs can work in a hospital or home environment, though home nurses usually need additional training to learn how to care for patients in this type of environment. There are federal and state laws that determine the actual requirements for a CNA home nursing license. It is important that the student look into their state requirements to get more details.

There are some states that allow limited nursing work to be done during school and training, while others require the license to be in hand before working. Much of the coursework required to become an LVN or RN are also required to be a CNA. This means a registered nurse can prefer to work in a patient’s home and provide CNA nursing duties.

A home CNA provides daily assistance for patients, including helping them get up to use the restroom or shower, helping them eat and monitoring their medications. They also take their vital signs, apply bandages and supervise their medical condition. A CNA without an RN degree does not perform more complicated medical procedures, such as giving medication through an IV.

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