How Do You Take Classes to Learn OSHA Regulations?

How Do You Take Classes to Learn OSHA Regulations?

Although OSHA regulation classes vary, interested parties can find helpful information about the type of classes offered and how to take courses on the OSHA website. As of 2015, some classes offered are construction 10 and 30-hour certification, general industry 10 and 30-hour classes, and disaster site worker classes.

The website lists locations where 10 and 30-hour outreach classes are held. The OSHA website also enables interested parties to access active outreach trainer lists in order to access more information about class locations and times. Some authorized trainers even offer training courses online.

However, OSHA also has its own education centers, called OSHA training institutes. OSHA training institutes may also offer 10 and 30-hour training classes, in addition to other more advanced regulation and OSHA education courses, such as its certificate and degree program classes. To find a list of courses offered, check the OSHA website.

For those wishing to take OSHA training courses offered by the OSHA training institute, OSHA offers a searchable schedule on its website. Persons can search the schedule according to course title, OSHA education center, state and date. However, to register for courses, those wishing to sign up must register with the specific OSHA education center.

OSHA also give grants for nonprofits to create their own training and educational programs, through the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program.